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You’ve just found your secret weapon: Metaverse. Our digital engagement teams of Mods chat with customers, moderate web content, manage communities and buzz in social media. All for the world’s coolest brands.

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Hop on to zip around town and see some of our favorite clients. How’d we score such fancy friends? Through our years of service on the digital engagement front lines. We haven’t just been around the block, we BUILT the block.

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We are the Mods! We’re a dedicated global team of industry experts. What does it mean to be a Mod? First off, we’re bold. Passionate and united. Sharp and levelheaded when we need to be, but with a rebel streak, too. Watch the video above for a glimpse of what being a Mod is all about.

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Meet Our New Head of Services!
Metaverse | 06/30/2015
As we prepare for the Independence Day here in the States, we are also preparing for our own revolution at...
Game Trends & Insights from E3 (#E32015)
Metaverse | 06/26/2015
Last week our resident gamer extraordinaire, Matt Hostler, and one of our amazing LA-based mods, Jasmine...
Metaverse Mod Squad Establishes European Operation Center in Northern Ireland
Metaverse | 06/24/2015
Brick and mortar alert!  We are very excited to announce today the opening of our first European operation...
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