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Guild Wars 2: An MMORPG with Style, Flexibility – and Fun!

04/11/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingSocial MediaTechnologyVirtual Worlds

Every now and then I discover a new online thrill that completely captures my imagination (and incidentally large hunks of my spare time). My latest obsession is the critically acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Prior to this, I had not been much …

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Life + Digital + Passion = Opportunity

03/26/2014 | Posted in Careerschild safetyCommunityCustomer ServiceFriendsgamingMusingsSocial MediaStaff HighlightsTechnology

The other day (well, the day AFTER SXSW ’14 ended, which was more like a couple of weeks ago, but I digress…) I was notified that I had been on Twitter for 7 years (SXSW 2007 was the event where …

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Morality, Rewards, and Repercussions in Video Games

03/21/2014 | Posted in gamingTechnology

Most arguments regarding the strengths of video games come down to motor skills, creative thinking, and logic solving. I’ve made some of these arguments myself in my day as a gamer, but as we move forward into these faux worlds that are …

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Twitch Plays Pokémon

03/07/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingSocial MediaTechnologyYouths

In case you haven’t been keeping up with what the kids are doing, the new phenom that’s hit the block these days is a little something called TwitchPlaysPokemon. Twitch is a live-streaming video platform that allows gamers to broadcast themselves …

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Keeping Up with the Shenanigans

02/12/2014 | Posted in CommunityEcommercegamingMusingsSocial MediaTechnology

Wait… is it April 1st?  With some of the news coming out lately, I’ve found myself checking the calendar a few times more than normal.  If you’re not exactly sure what  news I’m referencing, let me share with you some of …

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Happy Community Managers Day!

Dearest Community Managers of the World (most notably our fantastical CMs): Thank you for providing a voice to the people. Thank you for providing a voice from the site. Thank you for your dedication to the smallest detail. Thank you …

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Glitch Commits One Final Act of Random Kindness and Senseless Beauty

01/24/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingSocial MediaTechnologyVirtual Worlds

In a world where entertainment businesses defend to the death even the tiniest shred of intellectual property, the idea of an online game-maker putting the entirety of a game’s assets in the public domain seems like something out of a …

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What’s the big deal about Cyberbullying?

01/06/2014 | Posted in child safetyCommunityFriendsgamingParentsPrivacy and SecuritySocial MediaTechnologyVirtual WorldsYouths

Cyberbullying is the use of digital communications, such as the internet or cell phones, to harass or intimidate another person, with the intent of causing fear, anger, or sadness.  Bullying is done in person, for the same reasons, and often has …

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The World of eSports Are you Game Enough?

01/03/2014 | Posted in ConferencesgamingMusingsTechnologyYouths

The world of eSports; what was once a simple concept at a LAN party has evolved into an enormous worldwide phenomenon. With millions of spectators watching on TV, with millions more watching online, it’s hard to ignore its popularity. Whether …

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The Power of Nostalgia

12/26/2013 | Posted in gamingMusingsParentsService OfferingsTechnology

I was reminded of the power of nostalgia recently when the heads of MMS came to my town for a conference. They brought with them a great, unique marketing tool: a View-Master with slides showcasing our company services. We had quite …

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