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Building great habits and resolutions with #apps!

07/25/2014 | Posted in AppsSocial MediaTechnologyTips

A big part of who we are, as individuals, is defined by our habits. We all know the importance of developing good habits, and it’s easy to get excited about making new resolutions, but it’s so hard to keep them. …

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Family adventures made easy with navigation apps!

07/24/2014 | Posted in Appschild safetyCommunityParentsTechnologyTipsYouths

Summer is my favorite time of year; school is out, the kids are free, and the weather is warm. The only down-side is filling the long summer days with activities and adventures for the kids. This summer I decided our …

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Metaverse: The Internet’s #Superheroes!

The mods of Metaverse Mod Squad are the superheroes of the Internet. No, we can’t fly (yet), but just as Batman protects the citizens of Gotham, and Superman guards Metropolis, our mods watch over some of your favorite online communities. …

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An Open Love Letter to @TeamFortress 2

07/17/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingTechnologyTipsVirtual Worlds

There is a video game I’ve played (in one form or another) since I was a young man. I believe it started in the Quake days (in fact, it was based on Quake), was a part of a Half-life developer kit (late 90′s), and …

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@PlayHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

07/16/2014 | Posted in AppsCommunitygamingTechnologyTrends

I doubt there’s many gamers who haven’t heard of Hearthstone. With the announcement in early April that Hearthstone hit 10 million players, I felt this would be the perfect time to introduce any non-gamers (or those who haven’t had a chance …

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Google: Do we have the right to know what we know?

07/15/2014 | Posted in child safetyPrivacy and SecuritySocial MediaTechnologyTrendsUncategorized

Today, in my Gmail inbox, I found a rather interesting letter from Google itself.  The title read (in Italian, by the way.  I live in Italy), “Right to be forgotten vs Right of being informed.” “A recent ruling by the Court of Justice …

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Feedback Is Your Friend, Part 3

For the previous entries, please see Part 1, and Part 2 by clicking on the associated entries.  Enjoy! Send Feedback Often For our teams, reviewing staff for QA (quality assurance) is a daily/weekly event, and a very strict process.  Feedback …

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Feedback Is Your Friend, Part 2

07/09/2014 | Posted in CommunityCustomer ServiceQuality AssuranceTechnologyTips

Feedback Is Your Friend, Part 1 can be found by clicking here.  Otherwise, please enjoy! Tone Is Everything This is no secret.  Our tone may dictate the reactions we receive, and this includes how feedback is accepted.  Feedback is an …

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Feedback Is Your Friend, Part 1

07/08/2014 | Posted in Customer ServiceQuality AssuranceService OfferingsTechnologyTips

Managing a group of strong-minded individuals can be a daunting task, especially when your team’s numbers start to grow, or if your team is remote. Quality assurance, for Project Managers, is an extremely important part of maintaining a well-functioning team, and …

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Happy 4th of July, America!

07/04/2014 | Posted in CommunityTrends

To all our American friends, colleagues, and peers (or those celebrating along with us), Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your day of family and friends, fireworks, sparklers, grilled goodies, sprinklers/pools/slip’n’slides, parades, potato salad (I feel like this is a prerequisite), red, …

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