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January Mod of the Month!

01/22/2015 | Posted in ModsService OfferingsStaff HighlightsWorking Remotely

We’re excited to announce our FIRST Mod of the Month for 2015! Drum roll please… Krista Schnee (as portrayed in the photo by her youngest cat, Katniss)! Krista hails from Wichita, Kansas, and has been with at Metaverse Mod Squad for …

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Bringing the possibilities of the Galaxy to you!

01/20/2015 | Posted in gamingMusingsTechnologyVirtual Worlds

Outer Space is totally awesome.  It is a vast unknown made even more desirable by its unattainability.  Who hasn’t looked up at the stars and wondered at the secrets it holds: Other worlds where life may flourish? Wormholes and other …

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Foodies Online: More than snapping photos in restaurants

01/16/2015 | Posted in CommunityFriendsService OfferingsTipsTrends

Yeah, I’ll admit it – I’m a foodie. Although I confess to a love/hate relationship with the term. But then, I’ve yet to meet a fellow foodie who doesn’t feel the need to at least put up a symbolic struggle …

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Finding The Soundtrack To Your Life

01/13/2015 | Posted in CommunitymusicTechnologyTips

Please pardon me while I turn on my favorite Pandora channel so that my mind can be opened and the creative spark be allowed  to flow through my fingers as I address a topic that is always on my mind …

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Road Trips: Past, Present, and Future!

01/08/2015 | Posted in ModsMusingsParents

Some of my favorite memories of family vacations when I was a kid were the ones involving road trips.  We would either load up the station wagon or fly somewhere and rent a big car and drive around seeing the …

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A Sincere Thank You

01/06/2015 | Posted in CommunityModsService OfferingsWorking Remotely

Before the holidays, our CEO, Amy Pritchard, wrote a wonderful post thanking the mods and staff for helping build the Company into everything it has become. In light of that post, I wanted to share what working for MMS has meant …

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01/02/2015 | Posted in CommunityMusingsTipsTrends

It’s 2015!  Out with the old, and in with the new, right? After a rather tough year of events, from loss of icons to civil unrest and unyielding global misfortune in the news, sometimes it seems like our culture embraces …

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A Look Back: 6 Thoughts On 2014

12/31/2014 | Posted in CommunitySocial MediaTechnologyTrends

Can you believe it?  The year is over at midnight tonight! I don’t know about you, but I feel like January 2014 came, I blinked, and now it’s end of December.  In honor of 2014, here are some of my …

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December Mods of the Month!

12/26/2014 | Posted in CommunityCustomer ServicefamilyFriendsModsQuality AssuranceTechnologyWorking Remotely

2014 is rapidly coming to a close!  And with December being the mega-month it is, we decided to celebrate with TWO mods who have shown excellence in their craft. For December, we are honored to have Bastian Sandfuchs and Geneva …

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Perfecting The Collaborative Holiday!

12/23/2014 | Posted in familyFriendsModsParentsSocial MediaTechnologyTips

This year in my family, we are taking advantage of technology for all of our holiday preparations, and for some good reasons. I have a pretty busy schedule in my own time. I have four adult children spread across 3 …

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