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#CARU2014: the CARU Annual Conference

10/01/2014 | Posted in child safetyConferencesSocial MediaTechnologyVirtual WorldsYouths

It’s here again!  Another conference season! Today, I am honored to be speaking at the CARU Annual Conference 2014 (#CARU2014, for those tracking on Twitter).  This afternoon I will be sharing the stage with my long-time colleague in the online …

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Interviewing: A Project Manager’s Perspective

09/30/2014 | Posted in Customer ServiceService OfferingsTechnologyTips

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s time to ramp up for holiday eCommerce and customer support inquiries.  On-boarding quality customer support teams is essential for success.  The following are some tips for on-boarding talent: 1. Quality From the …

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Understanding the Rise of the Digital Celebrity

09/25/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingParentsSocial MediaTrendsYouths

PewDiePie. iJustine. Smosh. They sound like the fall line-up on Nickelodeon, or trendy smart phone apps, or even Anime characters.  In reality, they’re a small sampling of the growing power and trend of digital celebrities, blossoming from the likes of YouTube, Vine, …

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Building Community and Customer Relationships with Remote Customer Support

People wonder all the time why a business would want to outsource their work to a third-party company.  Other than the most obvious answers of convenience, accessibility, and satisfaction, a factor that often goes unnoticed is the intrinsic advantage an …

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Limiting Your Kid’s Screen Time is Ok

09/19/2014 | Posted in ParentsTechnologyTips

A recent New York Times article is piquing the interest of many parents – particularly those of us who work in the tech industry. The issue? Should we limit our children’s screen time?  With the efficiencies we see with technology and how …

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The Not-So-Curious Case of Notch and the Minecraft Escape

09/18/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingSocial MediaTechnologyTrendsVirtual WorldsYouths

I play Minecraft. Most of my personal Minecraft experience circles around building a super mansion, exploring for more crafting items, getting lost, and then essentially building afresh (I am on mansion number 45, I believe).  Otherwise, I’m watching TobyGames (aka Tobuscus …

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Holiday Online Retail Support, Is Your Company Ready?

It’s time to start planning for the annual season of giving.  According to industry news and trends, getting your business ready for the holiday season is starting earlier this year, and our teams are here to help support your customer needs. …

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6 Cool Things in #Tech This Week

09/12/2014 | Posted in Uncategorized

TGIF everyone!  It was a big week for innovation and the future of tech.  Here’s a recap of some cool things announced in the last week: 1. SalesForce Puts $6 Million in San Francisco Schools & Computer Science Education!, one …

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Global Customer Service and the Beauty of Language

Living in the southern United States, I always enjoy it when I get the chance to hear different languages from around the world (even if I don’t understand a word they are saying). Watching movies, TV shows, or just listening …

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Understanding People Through Star Trek

09/05/2014 | Posted in CommunityMusingsTips

Philosophers, psychoanalysts, and leaders have tried to group people into different types of personalities for thousands of years. The most condensed approach uses just 3 different types (Structogram and Triogram, for starters).  Defining personality types by Star Trek personalities is …

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