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As previously noted, ramping support for a project is an exciting turning point in your success, but can often come unexpectedly, or at the last moment.  And sometimes the need to ramp a project comes with tentpole marketing events throughout …

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What Facebook’s Newsfeed Changes Mean for Brands

11/19/2014 | Posted in CommunityService OfferingsSocial MediaTechnologyTips

In case you missed it, Facebook shared its plan for additional newsfeed changes. Effective in January, Facebook will decrease the number of posts made by brands – unless those posts are paid for. Putting this development another way, if you are a brand running …

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Ramping a Core Customer Support Team on Short Notice

11/18/2014 | Posted in Customer ServiceEcommerceService OfferingsSocial MediaTips

You’ve developed an app, or a game, or a new product, and your team is small, passionate, and hands on.  For the most part, everyone wears multiple hats, and helps engage with your customers/community.  And then the magic happens: you’re …

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Mod of the Month: Yvonne!

11/13/2014 | Posted in CommunityFriendsModsStaff HighlightsWorking Remotely

The awesome mods at Metaverse Mod Squad are a huge part of why this company is such a success, and we’re always looking for opportunities to recognize our top performers. The October 2014 Mod of the Month award goes to… Yvonne Zimmerman! …

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Play it your way, #Skyrim Edition

11/11/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingTechnologyTipsTrends

Skyrim, the 5th game in the highly successful “The Elder Scrolls” franchise by Bethesda Softworks, was launched in 2011, and today is it’s 3rd Birthday (or Anniversary, if you rather).  Although there are other versions available, for example Elder Scrolls Online, which …

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The soundtrack to your adventures…

11/06/2014 | Posted in gamingmusicTechnology

On the beach of a resort town, children scream and splash around with glee. Their legs and arms thrash in the water under Roy Scheider’s watchful eyes. Are you able to recall this scene without John Williams’ blood-chilling score that is so …

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Rediscovering Synergy, Jem’s Synergy!

11/04/2014 | Posted in CommunityParentsTrends

I’m rediscovering Jem through my four-year-old, and it’s truly, truly, truly outrageous. I like to weave in fun experiences with technology and my kiddos whenever I can.  Thanks to the beauty of Netflix streaming, one of those experiences has been …

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Happy Halloween from Metaverse Mod Squad!

10/31/2014 | Posted in familyFriendsWorking RemotelyYouths

May you have a fun, safe, and adventurous Halloween, friends!  And please enjoy this personal peek into the spooky shenanigans from our team today. They may not celebrate Halloween in Italy the way Americans do, but that didn’t stop our …

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Building A Personality-filled, Brand-focused Social Media team

10/29/2014 | Posted in Service OfferingsSocial MediaTechnologyTipsWorking Remotely

I have been working in and around Social Media for 7 years now, and one thing I have realized is the equal importance of: Your own attitude and work, and, The demeanor of the entire social media team. Whether your …

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Exciting Updates to our Extra Life 2014 Event!

10/23/2014 | Posted in CommunityfamilyFriendsgamingSocial MediaTechnologyVirtual Worlds

The past few weeks have been the coolest few weeks of my tenure at Metaverse. Recently, we announced our participation in the Extra Life 2014 event (happening this weekend, October 25 – 26), and we’re excited about some huge updates regarding …

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