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You know you’re a mod when…

12/18/2014 | Posted in CareersCommunityFriendsModsSocial MediaTechnologyWorking Remotely

If you spend time surfing the net, you know there are tons of “You know you’re a [insert identifier] when….” So, I thought: why not make one for our most mysterious (and wonderful, and rewarding) profession? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: …

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What we are hearing from you: a state of the state

12/17/2014 | Posted in CommunityCustomer ServiceMusingsService OfferingsSocial MediaTechnologyTrends

I spent the last few months doing quite a bit of listening. From our internal project leaders and global mods to industry pundits, clients, and former colleagues. The majority of connections don’t intersect, but the themes I’ve picked up are …

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Capturing A Library of Memories

12/16/2014 | Posted in AppsfamilyFriendsParentsTechnology

  I cried. No matter how hard I tried, the tears flowed. In February of 2014, we packed up the U-Haul trailer and my kids said goodbye to their “Nonni.” We live in Northern California, and we were moving her …

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Are You Ready To Replicate? 3D Technology is here!

12/11/2014 | Posted in TechnologyTrends

Since the time when speculative science-fiction first started to boldly go where no man had before…. We have long pined for the ability to have whatever items we may need or desire without having to wait or go anywhere to get …

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4 Key Takeaways from PlayStation Experience

12/09/2014 | Posted in ClientsCommunityConferencesFriendsgamingTechnologyTrendsVirtual Worlds

The phrase ‘Vegas, baby!’ has a whole new meaning for us, after an incredible weekend at PlayStation Experience. A small contingent of Metaverse mods accompanied me to the Sony PlayStation event, where we managed to capture and share a healthy …

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Vegas Bound: @PlayStation Experience 2014!

12/05/2014 | Posted in ClientsCommunityConferencesgamingModsSocial MediaTechnologyVirtual Worlds

Sometimes we are offered amazing opportunities from our clients — and this weekend is a perfect example!  Sony’s Playstation team is holding their annual event in Las Vegas today through Sunday, and we will have a small contingent of our …

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Creativity in a New Age: My Adventure Into Online Scrapbooking

12/04/2014 | Posted in AppsCommunityTechnology

I’m certain that I’m not alone when I say that technology has taken over many aspects of our (once manual) day-to-day activities. When I’m preparing a grocery list, I use my Smartphone. Time to send a letter? I text it …

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Mod of the Month: Sarah!

12/02/2014 | Posted in CommunityfamilyFriendsStaff HighlightsWorking Remotely

The awesome mods at Metaverse Mod Squad are a huge part of why this company is such a success, and we’re always looking for opportunities to recognize our top performers. The November 2014 Mod of the Month award goes to… Sarah …

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Happy Thanksgiving, Metaverse Mod Squad!

11/26/2014 | Posted in ModsMusings

Thanksgiving Eve is quiet around here.  Today our people operations team are all cooking for their families, VPs are flying all over the country, sales can’t get anybody to call them back, and accounting snuck out at 11am.  So, I …

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Time To Get Cooking!

11/25/2014 | Posted in CommunityfamilyFriendsTips

We are quickly approaching that time of year where people are planning their big holiday menus.  Thanksgiving is two days away, followed with holiday parties, big family dinners, and New Year’s parties.  For who those love to eat, it is …

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