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Happy Halloween from Metaverse Mod Squad!

10/31/2014 | Posted in familyFriendsWorking RemotelyYouths

May you have a fun, safe, and adventurous Halloween, friends!  And please enjoy this personal peek into the spooky shenanigans from our team today. They may not celebrate Halloween in Italy the way Americans do, but that didn’t stop our …

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Building A Personality-filled, Brand-focused Social Media team

10/29/2014 | Posted in Service OfferingsSocial MediaTechnologyTipsWorking Remotely

I have been working in and around Social Media for 7 years now, and one thing I have realized is the equal importance of: Your own attitude and work, and, The demeanor of the entire social media team. Whether your …

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Exciting Updates to our Extra Life 2014 Event!

10/23/2014 | Posted in CommunityfamilyFriendsgamingSocial MediaTechnologyVirtual Worlds

The past few weeks have been the coolest few weeks of my tenure at Metaverse. Recently, we announced our participation in the Extra Life 2014 event (happening this weekend, October 25 – 26), and we’re excited about some huge updates regarding …

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Last Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking to a wonderful group of people on the grounds of St. Catherine University, care of Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis. The topic? Making social media human again. Now, more than ever, I think we are …

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Remote Working Tip: Gamify Your Exercise!

10/16/2014 | Posted in TipsWorking Remotely

Sitting around on a Wednesday night, or between shifts on a Saturday?  None of your typical movies or games peak your interest?  Maybe squeeze in a workout?  I know, I know, exercise is tedious and exhausting, but it doesn’t have …

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Tips for Developing Social Media Practices at Your Company

10/14/2014 | Posted in CommunitySocial MediaTechnologyTips

It’s 2014. The majority of the people at your company, large or small, are using some form of social media. That’s terrific! There’s really no reason to limit the continued use of social media for these folks, so long as …

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Customer Service Celebrations Embracing #ModsNotCubes

10/10/2014 | Posted in Customer ServicefamilyFriendsSocial MediaStaff HighlightsTrendsWorking Remotely

Why must Customer Service Week come to an end?  Really, it should be every day…. Thank you, Customer Service mods and representatives around the world, for all that you do!! Our theme this year was #ModsNotCubes.  We love the fact …

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5 Essential Needs for Customer Support Teams

10/09/2014 | Posted in Customer ServiceEcommercePartnersTechnologyTips

Customer service representatives can have a variety of responsibilities: CSRs are the first line of support for customers, CSRs must provide a positive, helpful experience, CSRs must be in-tune, if not experts, for the product and/or company, CSRs must be …

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Celebrating The Power of Customer Service Staff

10/07/2014 | Posted in CommunityCustomer ServicefamilyFriendsSocial MediaStaff HighlightsWorking Remotely

It’s national Customer Service Week!  In celebration, we asked a few of our prime customer service folks a bit about the field, and what they love about it.  What we received was a wonderful doctrine regarding Customer Service! Customer Support …

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Metaverse Mod Squad Participates in Extra Life 24 Gaming Event

10/03/2014 | Posted in Announcementschild safetyCommunityfamilyFriendsgamingParentsSocial MediaTechnologyYouths

We’re going to be streaming 24 hours of gaming NON-STOP from our Sacramento office in support of this amazing event called Extra Life – it’s going to be crazy awesome! On October 25th to the 26th, starting at 8 am, tune in to …

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