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Holiday Online Retail Support, Is Your Company Ready?

It’s time to start planning for the annual season of giving.  According to industry news and trends, getting your business ready for the holiday season is starting earlier this year, and our teams are here to help support your customer needs. …

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6 Cool Things in #Tech This Week

09/12/2014 | Posted in Uncategorized

TGIF everyone!  It was a big week for innovation and the future of tech.  Here’s a recap of some cool things announced in the last week: 1. SalesForce Puts $6 Million in San Francisco Schools & Computer Science Education!, one …

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Global Customer Service and the Beauty of Language

Living in the southern United States, I always enjoy it when I get the chance to hear different languages from around the world (even if I don’t understand a word they are saying). Watching movies, TV shows, or just listening …

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Understanding People Through Star Trek

09/05/2014 | Posted in CommunityMusingsTips

Philosophers, psychoanalysts, and leaders have tried to group people into different types of personalities for thousands of years. The most condensed approach uses just 3 different types (Structogram and Triogram, for starters).  Defining personality types by Star Trek personalities is …

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Creator’s Curse: The Distractions

09/04/2014 | Posted in CommunitySocial MediaStaff HighlightsTechnologyTips

Enjoy this third installment of the Creator’s Curse blog series!  Click here to see Part 1 and Part 2. Distractions… they can really put a kink in the progression towards deadlines.  Here are some things to keep in mind: TV is Poison. …

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Creator’s Curse: Deadlines

09/03/2014 | Posted in TechnologyTips

Enjoy this second installment of the Creator’s Curse blog series!  Click here to see Part 1. I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. ~ Douglas Adams Most of the world hates deadlines. Deadlines …

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Creator’s Curse: The Rules

08/29/2014 | Posted in MusingsSocial MediaTips

I have this problem of starting creative projects at home and then… never finishing them. It’s actually kind of shameful. “I have a great idea,” I declare to my family, then dive in like gangbusters, working on a very lengthy project. After …

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When Playing Online Isn’t Enough: #LAN Parties and You

08/27/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingTechnologyVirtual Worlds

It’s a tense round of Titanfall… I’m running across the rooftop of a building in the Angel City map, desperately chasing the last survivor of the rebels as he makes his way to the extraction point in this round’s epilogue. …

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Prepping For a New School Year

08/26/2014 | Posted in child safetyfamilyParentsTipsYouths

REJOICE, Parents!  School-time has returned!  And with this time of year, parents have received the fall school supply list.  It can be an expensive time for parents; growing children need new clothes, new shoes, and new supplies for an upgraded …

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Foursquare: Gambling Your Long-time User Base

08/22/2014 | Posted in AppsCommunitySocial MediaTechnology

I’m one of those foodies who likes to post photos of my meals on my social media. I can’t answer for all foodies who do so, but in my case blogging/microblogging about gourmet cookery is a longtime avocation of mine, …

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