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Ninja of All Trades: Onboarding Teams

04/23/2014 | Posted in CommunityMusingsQuality AssuranceTips

My last blog was about how to become a black belt in community management. Today’s blog is about how to excel at team building for new projects. As a Metaverse project manager, one of my favorite job responsibilities is working …

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DeepMind and Google: The Future of AI?

04/22/2014 | Posted in TechnologyVirtual Worlds

In the last few decades we’ve been using machines to make our lives easier, creating programs to simplify things in a way nobody could’ve imagined.  Once computers required an entire room to manage a few limited capabilities, and now they fit …

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Have you changed your passwords yet?

04/18/2014 | Posted in Customer ServiceMusingsPrivacy and SecuritySocial MediaTechnology

I hate passwords. Over the last decade my digital presence has grown in importance year after year. I work online, I shop online, I do my banking online, I play games online, and I communicate with friends and family online. Just about …

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A Pinteresting Escape

04/16/2014 | Posted in CommunityMusingsSocial MediaTechnologyWorking Remotely

Listen. I love my job, I love my career: most genuinely and most sincerely. I think I’ve rallied around such themes in multiple posts in the past.  So, based on that fact, we can correctly assume that I spend more than 75% of my …

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Guild Wars 2: An MMORPG with Style, Flexibility – and Fun!

04/11/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingSocial MediaTechnologyVirtual Worlds

Every now and then I discover a new online thrill that completely captures my imagination (and incidentally large hunks of my spare time). My latest obsession is the critically acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Prior to this, I had not been much …

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04/10/2014 | Posted in CommunityMusingsSocial MediaTechnology

Greetings! This post originally appeared in our blog on Sept. 4, 2013.  Recently we received some great updates on additional resources for technology recycling.  With it being the perfect time for spring cleaning, we thought we could re-share this fantastic …

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Markdown and Customer Service Efficiency

04/07/2014 | Posted in Customer ServiceQuality AssuranceService OfferingsTechnology

An effective customer support department needs to showcase utilize (and celebrate) proper formatting within customer communication. Where necessary, agents need to apply italics, boldness, links, paragraph breaks, and the occasional image to their customer correspondence, be it in email or a …

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Communication in a Digital World

04/04/2014 | Posted in CommunityMusingsQuality AssuranceService Offerings

One of the greatest issues with working virtually is that there is a lot of communication coming and going at any given moment. As the manager of a remote virtual team, it is my responsibility to be an effective communicator, …

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Announcing: A.I. Dronebot For Customer Inquiry and Resource Mining Team

Scalability.  It’s every business’s demon to slay.  How do you know you can successfully ramp your brand to meet the demands of today’s customer?  How do you know you will reach purchasing markets? If there’s anything Pop Culture has taught us …

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My Relationship with Time

03/28/2014 | Posted in CommunityMusingsService OfferingsTechnologyWorking Remotely

It has been said that All great achievements require time (Maya Angelou). I am sure we’ve all had moments when we wished that there were more hours in the day.  Have you ever day-dreamed about how you would use those extra …

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