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Creator’s Curse: The Rules

08/29/2014 | Posted in MusingsSocial MediaTips

I have this problem of starting creative projects at home and then… never finishing them. It’s actually kind of shameful. “I have a great idea,” I declare to my family, then dive in like gangbusters, working on a very lengthy project. After …

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When Playing Online Isn’t Enough: #LAN Parties and You

08/27/2014 | Posted in CommunitygamingTechnologyVirtual Worlds

It’s a tense round of Titanfall… I’m running across the rooftop of a building in the Angel City map, desperately chasing the last survivor of the rebels as he makes his way to the extraction point in this round’s epilogue. …

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Prepping For a New School Year

08/26/2014 | Posted in child safetyfamilyParentsTipsYouths

REJOICE, Parents!  School-time has returned!  And with this time of year, parents have received the fall school supply list.  It can be an expensive time for parents; growing children need new clothes, new shoes, and new supplies for an upgraded …

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Foursquare: Gambling Your Long-time User Base

08/22/2014 | Posted in AppsCommunitySocial MediaTechnology

I’m one of those foodies who likes to post photos of my meals on my social media. I can’t answer for all foodies who do so, but in my case blogging/microblogging about gourmet cookery is a longtime avocation of mine, …

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16 Mac #LifeHacks & #Apps That Make Working From Home a Breeze

08/20/2014 | Posted in AppsTechnologyTips

Several years of working remotely has taught me that you’re only as efficient as the machine you use.  As a longtime owner and faithful user of a Mac, I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks over the years thathave made …

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The Importance of Kindness in Customer Support

08/19/2014 | Posted in Customer ServiceService OfferingsTips

I have worked in various customer service related positions since I was 16 – almost half my life at this point. Although, providing high quality service has always been my goal, I wanted to share an anecdote from my second job, …

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Part 2: A Memorial and Publicly Private Struggles

08/15/2014 | Posted in CommunityfamilyFriendsMusingsParentsService OfferingsSocial MediaTechnology

The following is part 2 of the post regarding “A Memorial and Publicly Private Struggles.” Publicly Private Struggles I’ve been keeping up with the various stories of humanity and kindness that have been pouring into the media from various sources. …

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Part 1: A Memorial and Publicly Private Struggles

08/13/2014 | Posted in CommunityfamilyMusingsService OfferingsSocial MediaTechnology

It’s two days now, and Robin Williams’ death still affects me at a core level. I know it seems silly – I… we… don’t even truly know the man.  I can hear the internet trolls and critics lamenting the pathetic idolization …

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How I learned to love Game Night

08/11/2014 | Posted in familygamingParentsTrendsYouths

I was blessed with two very snarky, sassy kids who love board games as well as video games.  Much to my surprise, when we first started having “game night,” beyond the first night’s resistance, the games we played captured everyone’s …

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Digital Organization and How It Makes You Invaluable, part 2

08/08/2014 | Posted in MusingsPrivacy and SecurityTechnologyTipsWorking Remotely

Part two of Digital Organization and How It Makes You Invaluable! The Fine Art of E-Mail Labeling While there are different strokes for different folks (and I am unable to identify a single flawless labeling system), I will state that I have email labels built into my email inbox filtration system that are …

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